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What were Hanson doing this summer? TV HITS knows!

Wednesday July 30, 1997

Hanson fly into Sydney International Airport from Tokyo. Due to very protective record company bods, only 20 clued up fans turn up at the airport to see there "heroes" arrive. Later that afternoon, the guys board seaplanes at harbourside Rose Bay and head for Palm Beach in north Sydney, where they check out the surfers. The Aussies try to introduce them to the game of cricket but they keep swinging the cricket bat like they're playing baseball!

Thursday July 31,1997

It's a happy ninth birthday to Jessica Hanson. She and her famous family spend their lunchtime at Planet Hollywood, where Zac, Tay and Ike check out all the cool 4.00 pm it's time for a press conference at Sega World. Meeting Hanson again still is pleasure. Ike is obviously the most mature and smiles loads, but Taylor's a bit more seriuos and Zac...Zac's just really cut and really LOUD! After the press conference it's time for a few radio interviews, including one with the charmingly named Ugly Phil at 2Day FM...

Friday august 1, 1997

A quick tour of Sydney's famous Opera House is followed by a ferry cruise around the harbour. After lunch it's TV HITS' turn to board the boat along with 70 lucky competition winners. The boat comes into view, scream pierce the air, tears flow...and Dad films the whole thing from the top deck. Once on baord, we're treated to Hanson balloons...Some fans break into MMMbop, and we have a little sneak around-eventually coming across Mackenzie Hanson, the mittlest one of all, playing with his toyys on the staircase! The boys bounce into view and mayem breaks out. They run trough Madeline, Man From Milwaukee and MMMbop and when it's all over the fans are yelling for more. Hanson make a getaway two stops before the rest of us and head for Melbourne...

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