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Let's hope TTA is gonna be HUGE!

APRIL 28 2000

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Review TTA: "This Time Around (Island) I have a vision of the parking-lot scene at a 2034 Hanson concert. Bootleg copies of the '02 tour are sold out of a van to the middle-aged women wearing vintage '90s platform sandals. Grizzled, with subtly graying hair, the three bros take the stage. . . and it actually rocks. Hanson easily has the musical chops to become the future Phish, Blues Traveler (John Popper provides snorty harmonica on this CD) or, with 20 more years of wisdom, even the Grateful Dead. The first three songs have moved beyond the bubblegum "MMMBop" and are first-class psychedelic spindance jammy-jams. And all over this disc, evidence of the brothers' excellent song-writing capabilities abounds. I just wish they'd skipped the fussy production (occasional scratches, drum loops and bleeps). But I'm sure they'll figure that out by 2034. -Clare Davies

If Only

Netherlands TMF CLIPPARADE 16 Last week:26
Netherlands TMF Top 40 29 Last week:33
Belgium Prima Donna Top 50 28 Last week: 25
Holland Mega Top 100 38 Last week:40
Norway Hit 40 11 Last week: 18
Belgium Top 50 48 Last week:-47
Belgium Top 30 TMF CLIPPARADE 29 Last week:---
Belgium TMF FACTORY 40 21 Last week:-25
Thailand Top 20 (CHART X) 1 Last week:7
Uk Top 40 15 Last week:---
France Top 10 --- Last week:--- Highest pos.:---
Austria Top 10 --- Last week:--- Highest pos.:---
Finland Top 10 -- Last week: -- Highest pos.with IWC2U :2
Hong Kong YMC TOP TEN 1 Last week: ??? Highest pos.with IWC2U: ?
Greece Top 30 27 Last week: --- Highest pos.with IWC2U: ?
Sweden TRack List 4 Last week: 10 Highest pos.with IWC2U: 1!!!
European Top 20 16 Last week: 18 Highest pos.with IWC2U: 1
Mtv TOP SELECTION Top 10 1 Last week: 2 Highest pos.with IWC2U: ?

This Time Around (single)

USA BILLBOARD CHARTS 20 -Last week:22- http://www.billboard.coml
US Top 50 Singles 2 Last week:1
The Hits Chart:Top 100 16 -Last week:17
Much Music 6 Last week:7


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